“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”  

Albert Einstein

Bishop Speechly College believes in excellence in education. It is certainly personal and as an educational institution, the focus is on each student. It is manifested through the quality in the curriculum, teaching -learning system, infrastructure, governance and leadership, student support services and best practices.

Our college has successfully implemented Outcome Based Education. It is different from the traditional method of memorising the answers to pass the examination. The curriculum of the Mahatma Gandhi University is redefined for the college in the OBE format and cocurricular /extracurricular activities are designed and implemented to impart all cognitive skills to the learners.  It is recognised that learning is not merely memorising the lessons rather it is about attaining skills viz, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation and creativity.

The college ultimately aims at mastery in communication skills, clarity , coherence and independence in thoughts, appreciation of socio- economic, scientific, and political ideas for sustainable goals, physical and mental health and hygiene with ethical and cultural values

We seek cooperation with all stakeholders especially the industry, local community and parents in this endeavour for transformation of the students  towards a better society.

The vision of the college is envisaged through the very specific missions comprising robust methodologies for  advanced learners and weak learners with inclusive and sustainable practices

We are grateful to the parents and  the guardians for opting Bishop Speechly College for Advanced Studies as a platform for their children’s future. We hope that they will spend quality time with their children and understand the policies of the College. Constructive inputs from our respected parents and well wishers will take us higher on the ladder of success. Let us work towards a better world.


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