National Paper Presentation


“Slowdown of Indian Economy- Analysis and Results”


Post Graduate Department of Commerce proposes to host a paper presentation on the topic “Slowdown of Indian Economy- Analysis and Results” entitled Emporio 19-20.

The Indian economy is characterised as a developing market economy. However now it is facing the biggest meltdown ever in its history. The critics are of the opinion that the current slowdown is unprecedented in 70 years of independent India and called for immediate policy interventions from the government. But the government disagree with such an argument of slowing down of economy and are continuing with several policy implementations and reforms.

In the light of these raging diametrically opposed viewpoints on this very issue from various quarters, it is befitting to explore the variegated strands of opinions and arguments, the stakeholders have on this very matter through a national paper presentation.


Topics expected to be covered are:

1.     Slowdown in Indian industry

2.     Slowdown in international trade

3.     Counter measures by the government


Any other topics relevant to the theme of the topic of the paper presentation will also be appreciated.


For more details contact;

Santhosh Kumar K (Staff Co-ordinator) - 8848345791


Timy Mammen Ninan (Student Co-ordinator) - 8129651283